The Power of Cocktail Dresses

Elegant, beautiful and classy are the words that one can describe a lady in a cocktail dress. Commonly reserved for special occasions like weddings, evening romantic dinners and awarding ceremonies, these dresses are best known for their flawlessness. They enhance a lady’s figure and are keen to revealbeauty in a stylishway. They have different colors, designs and styles like the black romper and navy blue dress to fit the taste of the various wearers. Read the following article to get more knowledge about cocktail dresses.

Tips on How to Find the Right Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dresses are available in a wide variety. Here are the prerequisites involved in selecting the right cocktail dress.

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  • Occasion – Different occasions call for different colors and designs of dresses. For example, it would be very awkward for one to dress in a red cocktail dress to attend a funeral service. Red, purple and black are seductive colors thus they are women’s favorites. They can be worn for romantic dinners, parties and any other semi-formal gatherings. One can also go for bright colors when attending weddings and award ceremonies to capture the attention of the crowd. For funeral services, you should stick to dull colors that suit with the occasion.
  • Fabric or Material – When deciding to purchase a cocktail dress, you should be very particular with the fabric. Choose a dress made of fabric that is easy to maintain and comfortable to the skin. Some of the fabrics used to tailor this dress are silk, satin and chiffon. Some nylon fabrics are uncomfortable to other wearers.
  • Length – The length of the dress is also an important issue. Those dresses that are 5cm above the ankle are known as the tea length dresses. Those that almost touch the ankle are ballerina length dresses. Choose a dress you are comfortable wearing.

Types of Cocktail Dresses

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To have more options, here are some of the types of these dresses.

  • Strapless – Strapless dresses offer a perfect fit. Wearing perfect undergarments like adhesive bras will help enhance your look. Daring necklaces go well with strapless dresses but remember to choose a nice pair of heels. If you have impressive busts, then the V-neck dress will look spectacular on you. Ladies who prefer to go for the strapless dresses have unwavering self-confidence as it is associated with revealing lots of skin.
  • A-line Petite Dress – This dress concentrates on the hips and the buttocks rather than the waist. It tapers at the hips and gets wider at the bottom bringing out a curvy silhouette and tall appearance. Dresses that concentrate on the middle torso make you look shorter.
  • Long Sleeved – The long sleeved dress depicts a strong sense of professionalism and power. Women who are highly ranked in organizations prefer this dress. It shows the expert side, without overlooking the stylish, admirable touch.

Keeping it simple is the best way to go. Do not over do the jewelry and make up as this would ruin a glamorous look. Affordable cocktail dresses are available in local stores and on online stores. Discover the power of a cocktail dress by choosing the right one.

The Different Uses and Styles of Black Dresses

Undoubtedly, black dresses have become a universal clothing choice for women of any generation. Today, every lady, young or old, should have a black dress in her clothing collection. Some women even considers it as a life-saver, especially when a party or meeting suddenly comes up.

During the 1920’s, the famous black dress was often worn by mourning widows. At that time, the black dress was already designed with some accessories and details and made from definite types of materials. At this age, the black dress has become an important fashion staple among women.

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Common Uses of a Black Dress

For lunches, day parties, and other day events, a fitted black dress is the most common choice. Most daywear black dresses are knee-length, so that the wearer would still feel comfortable even on hot summer days. This black dress also makes a great office wear, especially the ones with soft and lightweight fabrics.

Probably the most common use of black dress is as an evening wear. Whether it is for a date or formal events, a woman can never go wrong with a little black dress. And when it comes to evening wear styles, the black cocktail dresses are one of the favorites among women.

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Gone are the days when the black dress signifies grief and humility, because now, you can even wear a black dress to your wedding! Yes, you read it right. In fact, several Hollywood celebrities have already worn black wedding dresses during their special day.

However, it is not only the bride that can wear black during the wedding, but also her entire entourage. Black bridesmaid dresses have also become a hot trend among weddings of this age, especially for those who do not only want to be unique, but notable and sophisticated as well.

Different Styles of Black Dresses

  • Maxi dresses

Usually with an empire waistline, this black dress has become a popular choice among modern women. It is not only comfortable, but very feminine as well. Maxi dresses can be worn anywhere at any time, especially during hot summer days.

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  • Baby doll dresses

One of the hottest designs today, this black dress is usually cute and less formal than other dress styles. Typically designed with short sleeves, this dress may come in any color, although the most popular nowadays is black.

  • Suit dresses

A suit dress is basically a dress matched with a coat or jacket. They are mostly worn at the workplace, as well as for other events like weddings, luncheon, and even graduation. Technically, there are lots of color choices when it comes to suit dresses such as navy blue dress and white dress, but because they are meant for formal wear, they usually come in shades of black.

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  • Shift dresses

Also called as trapeze dress, this black dress fits tight across the shoulder and over the bust line then fall straight to the hemline. It was very popular back in the 60’s and now it recently went back to women’s fashion again. Black shift dresses make great as a formal wear, as well as for semi-formal events.

  • Black rompers

Commonly worn as a summer wear, the black romper comprises of a good mix of a top and a dress. This clothing is usually loose-fitting and short and made from lightweight and soft fabric.

Black dresses have really gone a long way from being a standard widow’s attire. It has come out of its gloomy and humble fashion effect and now is a favorite fashion statement by most women. Surely, this dress will continue to evolve and give women more options to show off their stuff.

All About Womens Dresses

All females consider womens dresses as one of the fashion must-haves. Every woman is expected to have at least a couple of dresses – one for formal events and another one for casual or laid back occasions. Regardless of where they will be used, the womens dresses are worn to signify the fashion and personal taste of the wearer.

Womens Dress in History

Throughout history, the style of dresses experienced continual changes. At first, there were only crinoline and hoopskirt-supported styles with fullness drawn at the back then came the more comfortable styles with shorter hemlines and lower necklines. In the modern era of 1920 to 1940, the womens dresses were made in such a way that they fit to the body to emphasize the wearer’s youthful elegance.

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Today, more and more women opt for a casual style. This is probably because it does not only make them comfortable, but also flexible as it can be worn almost anywhere – whether it be for shopping or for working.

Basic Styles of Womens Dress

  • A-Line Dresses

As the name implies, this dress is designed based on the shape of the letter A. Consists of a flared bottom and a narrow top, this design makes great for womens formal dresses and even wedding gowns.

  • Empire-Line Dresses

What makes this design unique is its waistline which is positioned slightly higher than the natural waist of a woman. Whether it is long or short, an empire-line dress is considered to project more femininity as compared to other dress styles.

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  • Column/Sheath Dresses

Typically designed with a much defined waist, this dress design is usually made from silk or cotton. And because it has a curved waistline and V shaped neckline, it becomes a favorite among women as it hugs their figure perfectly. Sheath dresses are a common choice for curvy women, especially when they are looking for perfect womens cocktail dresses.

  • Wrap Dresses

This is the dress style that is wrapped around the body and tied at the side. Always consisting of a V neckline, this style flatters any kind of body type. Wrap dresses are worn to accent the curves and small waist of the wearer. When incorporated in plus size womens dresses, they can help minimize a woman’s hips and rear. The hottest trend on wrap dresses today is the black romper, which is usually made from a lightweight material and is perfect for daily casual wear.

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Tips on Buying Womens Dress

When shopping for dresses, one should keep the following tips in mind:

  • First, you have to know your size. If you find a dress appealing, always try it on before buying it. Sizes may vary from one brand to another, so don’t hesitate to try multiple dresses when you shop.
  • Because there are plenty of different styles and materials out there, you have to select which one suit you best. Short and decorated dresses are normally for informal occasions, while knee-length and longer dresses work well for formal events.
  • Choose a dress’ color wisely. If it is for a formal reception, avoid wearing something with bright or loud colors and prints. Instead, you should choose among the solid colors, particularly black and white. For semi-formal gatherings choose colors like navy blue dress and red dress will do.

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  • And most importantly, choose a dress that flatters your figure. Opt for a short dress if you have long, beautiful legs. If you have a full figure and slim physique, then you should wear dresses with long and body-fitting cuts. Otherwise, you should choose a dress with simple cuts and patterns.

It is easy to successfully pull off any womens dresses as long as you are aware of these basic rules. It doesn’t take a professional to figure out what is best for you. Ask your friends and be as candid as possible because at the end of the day, you are the one wrapped inside these dresses.

Every Woman’s Must Have: The Black Romper

The black romper has taken over mainstream fashion by storm just like any other types of dresses like navy blue dress – from the runways of Paris to the streets of Vegas to the red carpets of Hollywood. These fashion savvy one-piece ensembles are just as simple as they are intricate and varying on the designs, they can go from office/business suit formal to dinner date fancy to easy-breezy beach-stroll ready, and rompers have redefined the work wear overalls appeal of ladies’ jumpsuits.

Popular Styles

To the uninitiated, a black romper jumpsuit will look basically the same: a one-piece thing where a fancy-looking top is connected to the fancy-looking bottom. It’s almost true, but not quite. Rompers, being the highly fashionably items that they are, come in a variety of styles on tops and bottoms that could only spell couture.

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Here are some of the most popular styles that a black romper could come in and they may come in a variety of combination of tops and bottoms:

  • Surplice top on draping long bottoms – this is high fashion at its best. The wrap around surplice works perfectly well on the bottoms, giving it a long-gown appeal especially if it comes in a silky type of cloth. A strappy pair of the same shade of jet black for shoes would complete the look.
  • Utility top on fitted pants – compared to the elitist look of the one above, this black romper style has an easygoing look. Sleeveless and with banded necklines, this looks best with a drawstring waist. It could also look good with capris for bottoms. They look good paired with some jeweled flat sandals in silver, black or even gold.

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  • Black strapless romper shorts – the real easy-breezy, a simple tube top with a drawstring waistband and some shorts a few inches above the knee would be the perfect city-stroll daytime look to a girl’s night out perfection. This is where accessorizing will never go wrong, with the bare neckline; you can go all out on the collar-type necklaces with the large stones, and/or bangles galore. For a daytime-friendly look, a pair of doll shoes would be best. For a night out with friends, a glittering black sky-high pump or some bejeweled wedges would complete the look.
  • Ruffled Venus top on black romper shorts – the ruffles on Venus cut give this type of black romper a very feminine, delicate look. Having a one-shoulder cut, it could be sleeveless or have a draping sleeve. The shorts even out its being delicate. A pair of platforms in silver or black and some big hoop earrings would complete the look.

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  • Halter top on shorts or maxi pants – sexy, classic, and a beautiful modern, Marilyn Monroe-esque take on the black rompers, this revealing backless design gives a different look depending on the bottoms. As romper shorts, they’d look fresh and summery though they’re black. A pair of hoops earrings, a tan and some white wedge flip flops would give a beach night out a very classy meaning. As with maxi pants and some wrap around bow belt plus some pointed black stilettos, it will make an opera-night or art exhibit-ready outfit.

Top Brands

Because the black rompers are here, there, and everywhere, many of today’s top brands carry out their own styles and versions of these high fashion outfits. Here are some of them:

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  • White House
  • Baby Phat
  • Mossimo
  • Gap
  • South Pole
  • Juicy Couture

Black romper comes in various styles but each style brings out the beauty of a woman’s figure. A black strapless romper is just as sexy as some black romper shorts and a woman always looks just as feminine – graceful, gorgeous, stunning. This highly fashionable outfit has been worn by female celebrities and ordinary women alike.

Useful Quick Fix For Stain On Dress

Whether it is a ball gown or cocktail dress, the color white is very appealing and the possibility of accessorizing it with any color of jewelry is very desirable. However, if you got a stain on your dress then it could be a cause of huge embarrassment especially during big social gatherings. Here is some useful quick fix for stain on dress that can be very helpful:

Useful Quick Fix For Stain On Dress

What you will need:

  • Stain removal solution
  • Baby powder
  • Cotton wipes
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Needle and thread
  • Double sided tapes

best quick fix for stain tips on dress

What to do:

If you have a stain on a dress, you need to be very careful. Instead of rubbing the stain, dab very carefully and keep doing it until the stain is gone. Rubbing may make the stain bigger or make it get deeper into the gown. This may be disastrous especially on a wedding dress. This is the first point that you should remember in doing a quick fix for stain on dress.

If the dress is colored like a navy blue dress or it has a colored under cloth, always try on a hidden part first to ensure it does not change color. If the color starts running and gets to the white part of the dress it will ruin it further. This will in turn be a quick ruin instead of a quick fix for stain on dress.
For specific stains on dresses, there are several ways you can fix the stains. These are according to the type of stain.

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Types Of Stains

  • Red Wine
    This is the most common stains on dresses. It can be removed by using a white towel. Carefully dab at it to absorb as much stain as possible. You can do this by dipping the white cloth in warm water. If the stain still remains, cover it up with baby powder or dab some chalk on it. This is one of the quick fix for stain on dress applied at wedding receptions.
  • Grease From Oily Food
    This is the easiest stain to conceal. Pouring some baby powder while the stain is still fresh will absorb the oil while concealing the stain. One can also use alcohol to dab at the outer edges of the stain and dissolve the oil. This is a true quick fix for stain on dress.

Other stains may not come out that easily such as ink and may need for you to wash the dress. If washed out, gently dry the dress with a hair dryer and keep it at a distance of at least six inches to avoid scorching the dress as this would be a worse disaster. These tips are very handy and very useful especially for white or ivory dresses which make stains more evident.

Styling Ideas for a Stunning Ivory Dress

If you want to show off your feminine side, an ivory dress is the perfect solution. Ivory is a color that brings out the softer, more delicate side of a woman. Any look can be accomplished with an ivory dress. Its neutral color makes it ideal for any event, may it be casual or formal. A plain, longivory dress gives you a classic, charming look while an ivory lace dress gives a fun, flirty look. Along with a good set of accessories, the possibilities are endless with a nice fitting ivory dress.

An Ivory Dress for Every Occasion

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  • Ivory wedding dress – For those who do not want to wear the traditional white wedding dress, ivory is the perfect color to switch it with. It is a bit different but not too unconventional to raise brows from your ultra-traditional guests. An ivory wedding dress flatters every skin color and it gives a glowing complexion to the bride. The mother of the bride would also look stunning in a classic ivory dress since the color suits middle aged women and it brings out their natural beauty.

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  • Ivory cocktail dress – For any party or event, a fabulous ivory cocktail dress combined with the right makeup and accessories will do a good job in making any woman stand out among the crowd. Because ivory is neutral, it can be worn with accessories of any color. An ivory cocktail dress with a sweetheart neckline can be jazzed up with a pretty bow and beadwork at the waist. An asymmetrical one will look stunning with colorful chandelier earrings and peep toe pumps.
  • Ivory prom dress – Ivory is also a perfect color for young women. With all the bright and loud colors like a red and navy blue dress that most prom goers will wear, make a difference by choosing an ivory dress. Prom dresses in this color come in different cuts and embellishments that fit your fancy, plus they are very versatile when it comes to accessorizing.

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  • If you want to be traditional, you can wear nude stockings with your ivory dress. However during cold nights, you can wear dark-colored tights to keep yourself warm.
  • If you are going to a cocktail party, wearing platform heels will not only accentuate your dress but will also give emphasis to your legs. For a more casual look when going out, wear boots that match with your ivory dress. Any color would be good as long as it matches and wraps up your whole outfit.
  • Wearing a black or any dark-colored belt is a great way to accessorize your ivory dress. Dark colors cinch the waist to give you an hourglass figure. You can choose to wear wide or thin belts depending on the cut of your ivory dress. You can also have it altered with embellishments such as bows or crystals to add oomph to an otherwise plain dress.

whimsical Ivory lace dress

What to Wear with an Ivory Dress

To stand out from the crowd, a woman should not hesitate to wear an ivory dress. Not only is it versatile, it also makes you look more elegant and refined when worn in formal occasions.  This piece is as timeless as a little black dress and should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe.

A Bridal Guide to Wearing Light Colored Dress

More and more brides are opting to go with light colored dresses for their weddings and it is no wonder a lot of them are looking for a guide to wearing light colored dress. This is a very important day to the couple and they should go out of their way to ensure that they look good when taking their vows. The dress the bride chooses should not only reflect her personality but also make her look beautiful. With so many color options to choose from nowadays, a lot of brides are settling for ivory dress for their weddings. It is not just because it is a light colored dress but also goes well with most skin tones as well as different wedding themes.

helpful Guide to wearing light colored dress

In the past few years, a lot of people thought that you could only wear an ivory dress if you are having a beach wedding but this is not the case at all. Actually a lot of the couples would combine their honeymoon plans with the wedding plans by having a wedding at the beach as well as the reception. As a guide to wearing light colored dress, a short ivory dress would go best with such a setting.

 It is also possible to opt for a light colored dress with a formal wedding ceremony. It does not matter what designs you choose for the dress but you will have either the option of purchasing a new dress or having one custom made for you.

In order to wear their wedding dresses again, a lot of brides are opting to go with a gothic dress or a navy blue dress. A short ivory dress with less lace details and beading will be a great choice. It will also go well with a small jacket worn over the dress and will also work well with other occasions. This is a great investment to make since the bride will get to wear the dress more than once. It might not sound as a standard guide to wearing light colored dress on a wedding but it works for some who knows how to wear it.

Ivory dress for sale

 As a guide to wearing light colored dress, be very careful with the budget that you have and stick to it. If you are working on a tight budget, you will have the option of renting an ivory dress. It might not be good news to most brides but remember that a lot of wedding gowns are worn for very few hours so they might still look brand new. To get a used ivory dress, you can go to local wedding boutiques and see what they have or just look for the information online. There are websites with items for sale that also have wedding gowns for sale. Compare the prices as well as the different designs available before making any final decisions.

 Preserve your wedding dress after your wedding so that you can share with your daughters in the future. To ensure this happens, take it to the dry cleaner and have it cleaned after the wedding and pack it. Ivory dresses are slowly replacing other colors of wedding gowns because they are simple and classy. In the end, the best guide to wearing light colored dress in a wedding is the emotion. No matter what the dress looks as long as the bride is happy, there is nothing to stop them from making that important vow of their lives.

Long Sleeve Dresses and Different Body Types

Long sleeve dresses can make or break your overall look; depending on how you choose to wear them. This is due to the fact that most people look at these dresses as too conservative and covered up; and most of the time, pulling off a gorgeous look with them is rather tricky. However, you don’t need to be hesitant and afraid to wear one, because there are still ways that you can use to create an eye-catching ensemble.

Just like with a navy blue dress, wearing long sleeve dresses requires choosing of the correct style that will jive well with the body shape that you have. But apart from this general rule, below are some styling strategies that you can use in order to make this dress blend well together with the rest of your wardrobe.

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The Types of Long Sleeve Dresses and Suitable Body Types

  • Princess cut long sleeve prom dresses – You will know that it is a princess cut dress if it has a snug fit at the top and free-flowing skirt underneath. This dress is constructed this way so as to accentuate the bust and waist; giving the wearer a princess-like aura. Princess cut dresses are best worn during the colder months and should be worn snugly to prevent creating a look that is too bulky or overly modest. The great thing about these dresses is that they work well for almost any body type; whether it is hourglass, pear, straight or oval.

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  • Empire waist long sleeve cocktail dresses – These dresses are very popular for having a waistline that is slightly higher than the actual waist of the wearer. While these dresses come in numerous styles such as short sleeved, haltered, and spaghetti strapped, in most settings, the long sleeve style is considered the most uncommon. However, you might want to know that these dresses also work for various body types; these include oval, pear, and diamond shape.
  • Wrap style dresses – Just as the name implies, wrap dresses are the kind of dress that wraps around the body and is bound at the side or front using a tie. Since they have a flattering V-shaped neckline and flared from waist down to the hemline, these sexy long sleeve dresses are a bit easier to dress up with. However, just like other types of dresses, the wrap style works best for women with curvaceous bodies, especially those that are gifted with hourglass, pear and diamond body types. Consider wearing this dress if you want an outfit that emphasizes your curves while still maintaining a respectable look.

long sleeve cocktail dresses reviews

Styling Tips for a Long Sleeve Dress

  • Choose sheer sleeves dresses – When you are seeking for a dress that will make you look youthful and sexy, this is the ideal dress for you.
  • Choose dresses with short hemlines and low necklines – This style provides sense of poise to the wearer.
  • Choose the right shade or color – Colored dresses conveys a woman’s outlook as well as affects the feelings of people around.

orange sexy long sleeve dresses

  • Choose the right accessories and shoes – Add just the right amount of accessories to add stability. Don’t over accessorize, if you want to have a classic look, just wear a minimum amount of jewelry. Wear the right pair of shoes that perfectly fits the occasion and the outfit that you are wearing.
  • Choose the right fit – Look for dresses that perfectly fit your body shape.

There can be other styles of long sleeve dresses out there; but currently these are the most popular styles that are being worn by ladies on different events such as business gatherings, prom nights, and even cocktail parties. According to your body type, you may now select a specific style that will help you show off your assets rather than hide them or even make things worse. So be sure to pick the perfect long sleeve dress today!

The Dos and Don’ts When Buying Bridesmaids Dresses

Just like the bride’s wedding gown, the bridesmaids dresses are equally important for the occasion celebrated. And since bridesmaids too play an important role at the whole wedding entourage; they deserve to have the glamour and lovely effect of carefully picked dresses. In case your wedding is fast approaching and you are still unsure as to how choosing for these dresses is done, this guide will get it all covered for you.

Bridesmaids Dresses Selection Tips

For a bride to be, to save yourself from stress and frustration, it is prudent that you choose your bridesmaids dresses ahead of time. If you want to make sure that you are doing things the right way, here are the dos and don’ts in shopping that you must bear in mind:

mint green bridesmaids dresses

  • Do give sufficient time for choosing. Weddings should always be perfect; hence, planning and selecting dresses should be given enough time. If you are working with a wedding planner, selecting desired fabrics and styles way ahead of time will give him/her ample of time for conceptualization and making modifications or enhancements to the dresses, if necessary.
  • Do consider every aspect of the wedding. When choosing a navy blue dress, black bridesmaids dresses, or other types, the venue, the wedding’s theme, as well as the flowers to be used are also additional things to consider in order to come up with a style that will blend in to the setting harmoniously. For instance, if the wedding will be held at the shores of the beach, choosing full length dresses may not be appropriate; summer dresses and open toe sandals should be selected instead.

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  • Don’t forget to get the body measurements your bridesmaids. It is important to get their measurement to know exactly what type of dress complement their figures or body shapes. When you are in a tight budget, there are bridesmaid dresses for rent. You can bring your bridesmaids at the rental store and let them try the dresses that fit them ahead of time, so if the dresses don’t fit them well there’s still ample of time to make adjustments.

affordable bridesmaids dresses reviews

  • Do not hold back on the price in exchange for comfort. These days, only a few women can be seen wearing dresses. Hence, some of them may feel uncomfortable when wearing one. With this in mind, your best bet should be affordable bridesmaids dresses that are made from the finest and soft materials. Some cheap bridesmaids dresses may also come with good design; however, you need to be more meticulous when inspecting them, especially if the price is ridiculously very low. But apart from the material, the right fit should also be considered so as to prevent your ladies from feeling irritated and awkward during the ceremony. As a general rule, you should not get dresses that are too loose or too snug because the bridesmaids will be wearing their dresses for long hours. The dress should offer them comfort and give a sense of style so they will feel confident and look fashionable all throughout the ceremony.

black bridesmaids dresses reviews

  • Don’t forget the ideal pair of shoes. While high heels usually look gorgeous when paired with dresses, this doesn’t mean that all your bridesmaids will be at ease when wearing them. However, depending on the theme of the wedding, flats or canvas shoes may not be suitable as well. That being said, apart from comfort, you also need to make sure that the ladies’ footwear goes well with the dress’ style and the occasion. For formal weddings, closed and heeled shoes are acceptable; while in casual settings like beach weddings, sandals and flip flops can be deemed appropriate.

Based on the pointers given above, you can fairly conclude that choosing good bridesmaids dresses are not so hard after all. Just remember to keep these key guidelines in mind and everything will surely turn out right.

How to Rock Black Dresses

Black dresses are considered a fashion staple and modern but classically beautiful. Whether you are planning to go to a day or night party or both, you can get away with just a black dress, even with minimal efforts on your part. Today, there are tons of ways that you can rock a black dress; just like you would in a lovely navy blue dress.

A black dress is extremely versatile; therefore, when worn right, it can work for virtually any kind of setting. If you are a woman, there will always come a point in your life when you have to wear black dresses. In case you are running out of ideas on how else you can rock this piece of wardrobe, this guide will get you all prepped up.

black dresses reviews

Tips on How to Wear Black Dresses

  • The casual look. If you are in the mood for a casual look for the day, you may consider pairing or layering your little dress with cardigans, scarfs, and tights. In addition, you may also top it up with a chunky sweater and have it accentuated with a nice belt at the waist area in order to emphasize your body’s curves. This look works well with almost any kind of footwear; these include flats, boots, wedges, as well as stilettos.

gorgeous black wedding dresses

  • The formal look. Here, even a sleeveless black dress can do wonders to your figure. Simply grab a good type of tweed jacket or blazer and use it to cover up your shoulders and arms and you are good to go. Alternatively, you may also top the dress with a long sleeve button up polo or turtleneck to achieve a look that is sophisticated yet professional enough for the business setting. This looks works perfectly with a pair of black or brown pumps and even a pair of flats.
  • The preppy look. Get the preppy look that you want for the day by topping the dress with a lovely tuxedo jacket, layering it with neutral colored tights, and completing the whole look with a comfortable pair of boots, oxfords, or loafers. A plaid jacket and knee high boots will look great for a preppy gal as well.
  • The perfect prom look. Black prom dresses will look good as is; however, there are still ways that you can apply if you want to spruce up the classic look of the dress. One of the best ways to alter the dress is by pinning a brooch at the left side of the chest area. Alternatively, you may also try on a number of light colored accessories like bracelets, bangles, earrings, or necklaces to complement your look for the night.The gorgeous wedding look. Whether you are planning to get black wedding dresses or black bridesmaid dresses, you can still look good while staying out of the ordinary with the use of some complementing pieces. For gowns, a smooth and soft shawl or wrap may work, especially for modest and not so young brides. These may also apply to bridesmaids who want to stay conservative and safe.

cute black bridesmaid dresses

Tips in Choosing the Ideal Black Dress

Finding the perfect dress for your body shape is an overwhelming task, but below are some tips that will help:

  • Choose the most ageless and comfortable fabric like cashmere, linen, silk or wool. Since a black dress is versatile, it is a good investment.

high low style tiered beaded reviews

  • Find the dress that flatters your figure. If you can find the perfect dress that is right for your body type, you can wear it to any occasions in the long years to come.
  • Look for a dress that is not so expensive. You can buy a cheap black dress from online stores but of great quality.

Indeed, black dresses are amazing outfits that can be sported no matter what the occasion is and what intentions you have in mind. Be glamorous and stunningly eye catching today using the diverse styles provided above.