Dresses in fashion for spring 2014

Spring 2014’s Trends in Dresses

Every season brings new trends in clothing, and in dresses, in particular. Through the help of this article, you will learn more about the dresses in fashion for spring 2014, and which styles you should choose to fit in or stand out at your next party or event.

First, what colors are in for dresses in fashion for this spring?

The pairing of black and white is staying strong as one of the most popular color combinations out there, even as we move into a new season. Find a dress with a striped look, in black and white, for an appearance that is spot on with the trend.
Icy pastels are another trend as far as color, this season.  Find a dress that features mint, violet, blue, or blush, if you want to look both beautiful and fashionable.
Another trend right now is plain old white. A simple white sundress will do wonders for you this spring, as will an elegant white evening dress.  That is if it ever warms up where you are living.
Finally, dresses that are metallic in color are yet another trend this spring.  With a look that is confident and classic, a metallic colored dress can help you stand out even while fitting in.

What are the trends to follow in spring dresses this year?It’s all about lace. Dresses that are made from lace are a big thing this season. Giving a look that is both elegant and comfortable, that can be dressed up or down, lace is the perfect material for your spring dress.
Wear them cowgirl style. The western look is in this spring, and that includes dresses that have a cowgirl look to them. Combined with cowgirl boots, these dresses are perfect for any occasion – not just the rodeo.
Flowers, flowers, everywhere. Floral prints are in this season, and this includes dresses that are covered in flowers of all types. Vibrant or delicate, floral prints of all types will help you to stay on trend.
Stripes. Another trend this spring is stripes of all types. A striped dress won’t only make you look trendy, but vertical stripes can also make you appear taller and thinner than you really are.
Prints. The chevron print is all the rage right now, especially when it comes to dresses. You can’t go wrong when choosing this simple and modern print.

Maybe you have a very important day coming up this season. If so, you might be wonder what the wedding dress trends for spring of 2014 are. The answer is here:
One of the trends that is in this season for wedding dresses is a sort of “less is more” idea. This includes dresses that are very modern in appearance, while staying simple and sleek. These dresses are lacking in embellishments, but make up for it in their clean and fresh appearance.
As far as length for wedding dresses this season, an ankle hemline is the new thing. These dresses are made with the 1950’s in mind, and are a cute style for any bride. If you want a more flirty look, above-the-knee dresses are another new trend.
Another wedding trend in dresses in fashion for spring 2014 is the dramatic addition of an “X” strapped back, made of lace, this look is sexy and attention-drawing.
For the bride who doesn’t want to wear white, but who also doesn’t want to go with a solid color, ombre dresses are a trend that will satisfy. As a bonus, these dresses work well with a variety of skin tones.
One last wedding dress trend for this season is a combining of tones. Dresses made with both black and white material aren’t only classy, they are all the rage right now.

Whatever the occasion, you can find a dress that is trendy this season. No matter what style you are, you will be able to find something that is on trend and that you also love. With multiple colors and patterns to choose from, there is a dress on trend this season that will meet your every need – even if that need is a wedding dress. Now you have a taste of the dresses in fashion for spring 2014, it’s time to go out and shop until you find the one that is just right for you.