Navy Blue Maxi Dress at a Glance

It is easy to get spoilt for choice when it comes to prom dresses and maxi dresses. Surprisingly, maxi dresses always take the medal. They are more comfortable, semi casual and often hide tummies and hips.  These are just but some of the simple reasons why ladies can’t do without maxi dresses.  When it comes to colors however, the story changes. It becomes hard to choose the right color mostly because women tend to be more sensitive to colors and picker than men.  That is why simple colors like navy blue are and will always be popular. But just how do you look stylish in a navy blue maxi dress?

Calvin Klein Navy Blue And White Striped Maxi Dress

Go For the Finest Designs That Complement Your Body

If you have a busty figure, ignore neckline and bandeaux designs.  Go for A and V lines.  Consider thick straps too as they happen to be flattering especially during summer. Then prioritize comfort. Your navy blue maxi dress should not at any point cling to your body. It has to skim and make your feel comfortable.  This means that you must be keen on your size every time you go for that navy blue dress.

Petite Women

Public figures like Sarah Jessica and Paris Hilton often get it right. The latter is just 5 feet and around 4 inches but always looks classy in a navy blue chiffon maxi dress each time she wears one. The trick is simple.  Go for a slimmer cut navy blue maxi dress that skims closer to your body. It will make you comfortable and allow you to show off some skin.  Be extra careful with slits though. The rule is simple. Don’t let it go beyond your knee. Then have it on your right side.

Trendy Navy Blue Maxi Dress

Consider the Fabric

Be keen on this especially if you are attending a summer wedding.  A simple navy blue maxi dress may be ideal but the wrong fabric may make you look out of place.  Stick to any of the following materials:

  • Organza
  • Chiffon
  • Silk



Plain navy blue is ideal for those who want to play it safe. For less casual events, a navy blue and white striped maxi white dress stands out as the perfect option!  You may however have to for a semi formal look if you are attending an evening party or date. In that case, go for simple navy blue maxi dress evening attire.

Sexy Navy Blue Maxi Dress Evening


Unlike prom dresses, maxi dresses make it simple for you to wear several accessories and jewelry.  You can also explore several shoes options. Flip flops and sandals for instance go well with maxi dresses. Accessories like bangles too go well with maxi dresses.

Find The Best Navy Blue Chiffon Maxi Dress


Always have a maxi dress in your wardrobe. It will come to your rescue during summer when a week cannot pass by without an informal party somewhere around the neighbourhood.  Do remember to keep off of fancy attires like tights and maxi dresses. They spoil the look. You can however try scarves or even bandanas.  Belts too are ideal as long as you go for colors that go well with navy blue like red.