Practical Guide When Buying Vintage Dresses

If you are a true-blooded fashion fan, going for vintage dresses can be extremely favorable. Not only is vintage dress hunting rewarding and thrilling, but also, it is wonderful opportunity to own a unique and dazzling piece that has withstood the harsh test of time. However, just like when buying a navy blue dress and other types of dresses, shopping for vintage clothing can be rather tricky; not to mention confusing.

These days, there are a staggering number of sellers that claim to offer authentic vintage dresses. However, how do you really know if they are certified true vintage? By applying the key pointers below, narrowing down the many choices on vintage style dresses should become a fulfilling and a stress free task.

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How to Spot Good Vintage Dresses

Below are the important procedures to follow if you want to acquire only the finest vintage dress:

  • Distinguish a vintage from a thrift item. Even if you are not aiming for the high end vintage clothing, you should learn how to differentiate between a vintage item and an ordinary second hand garment. As a general rule, thrift stores may have vintage wedding dresses or other dresses of the same theme, but thrift dresses are normally not sold in a vintage store. A vintage dress is considered more special than other counterparts; mainly because it has endured the test of time, remained relevant, and stayed stylish, cultural, historical, and significant through the years. When inspecting a vintage dress, keep in mind that true vintage clothing should have a side closures, metal zippers, blue union labels, and edges or seams that resemble the teeth of a saw.

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  • You will never go wrong with a classic. If this is your first time to shop for vintage clothing, you might want to know that opting for a timeless piece is usually the best way to start. By timeless pieces, it means having something basic like little black vintage prom dresses or nicely beaded cardigans from the 1950’s. Since you want to have something that you can wear for as long as possible, be sure to pick out pieces that are crafted from materials that won’t lose their shine easily.

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  • Know the advantages of vintage over new items. Because some vintage pieces tend to come in hefty price tags, you want to know the benefits of owning one when you can always opt for new clothing. One of these benefits includes having a superb construction and quality. Because the production process involved more handwork, more embellishments, and more considerations on durability, a designer vintage dress is usually higher end, classier, and more stylish than the ordinary; hence, their value is much higher as well.
  • Check the fabric. Apart from ensuring that the material feels good on your skin, you also have to make sure that it is still in good condition. Be sure to check for tears, fades, and loose threads before paying for one.

Where to Shop for Vintage Clothing

You can buy vintage clothing usually from vintage shops, but you can also find from other stores. To check for the true authenticity of the clothes they sell, check the credentials of the owner or seller for you to find out if they really have the knowledge about vintage clothing. Below are some places to look:

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  • Online stores
  • Thrift stores
  • Charity Shops
  • Garage and yard sales
  • Consignment shops                                                                                                               

Vintage dresses can be a great investment for avid fashion aficionados like you, especially if you can manage to find a genuine vintage piece. Be sure to use the wise shopping tips indicated above and surely, you won’t get tricked by bogus sellers out there.

Straightforward Tips for Bridal Gowns Shopping

Choosing from the vast variety of bridal gowns is one of the most exciting but daunting challenges that a bride must face in preparation for her wedding day. This is because apart from the fact that there are a myriad of styles available, there are also other important aspects to consider like the wedding’s theme, the location, the bride’s personal style, and of course, the budget.

Just like when looking for the perfect navy blue dress, bridal gowns should be chosen while keeping your desired style in mind. But apart from trying on a number of white or lace bridal gowns, there are some key pointers that you can apply in order to get a dress that will make your special day even more special.

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The Keys to Finding the Perfect Bridal Gown

Below are key points to consider when finding the perfect bridal gown for your wedding day:

Plan ahead of schedule. This might be a no-brainer; but is still worth mentioning up to this day. Generally, it is recommended that you order the gown 6 months before the wedding day; therefore, you should begin your hunt as early as 9 months before the special occasion. However, if you don’t have the luxury of ample time, you might as well allot some money for rush charges, just in case.

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Picture your dress in mind. Taking extra time in visualizing the perfect dress for your individual preferences is always essential for bride-to-be’s. If you need help, you can always check out some bridal magazines or websites on the internet in order to see the current price range, the details commonly used, and the kind of theme that will work with the venue you have in mind.

Consider comfort. All that dancing at the wedding reception requires all the comfort you can muster. And this goal can only be achieved with a comfortable wedding dress. To find one, you must think about your personality. Are you the type of bride who dances like nobody is around? Then, you might want to get a tube-style wedding gown. In addition to your personality, the venue is also an important consideration. Is it going to be a wedding at the beach? You might as well opt for a cocktail style dress in this case.

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Pick the dress with a perfect fit. Not all brides have the same body type. Therefore, it is also vital that you determine the type of body shape and you have to ensure you are making the right purchase. For example, if you are on the heavier side, you might want to search for plus size bridal gowns that will blend well with the wedding’s motif and location. But no matter what size you are in, be sure to arrange a fitting schedule with your gown maker so that adjustments will be done on time if necessary.

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Budget wisely. Weddings are a costly endeavor; thus, you must keep in mind that the most expensive gown is not the sole thing that will make the occasion special. In the current market, there are tons of white and other colored cheap bridal gowns that look as nice as extravagant wedding dresses. Getting a seamstress to make a gown for you is also an ideal option if you want to save on wedding costs. If you are in a tight budget, there is another option for you, rent a wedding dress. You can also rent dresses for your bridesmaids that perfectly match your wedding dress.

With these tips in handy, finding the finest bridal gowns should not be a stressful task anymore. Carry these guidelines with you to make sure that nothing will hinder you from being the perfect bride on this very special day.

Buying the Most Gorgeous Club Dresses

Some may go for the modest types of club dresses; while others choose revealing and sexy dresses that will allow them to flaunt their gorgeous curves. But no matter which type of dresses you opt for, shopping for a dress for clubbing is always fun! However, if this is your first time to ever do so, you might want to get all the information that you need before heading on the clothing stores.

These days, the buyer faces a myriad of different options on club dresses; not to mention the overwhelming selections on cheap club dresses being offered in thrift stores and online stores as well. But because not all figures are shaped equally, you always want to go for a dress that will allow you to show off the best parts of your physique.

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In order to help you find a dress that will flatter your body type, this guide will introduce the various styles available in the market just for you.

Club Dress Styles

1. Maxi dresses – For conservative and comfort loving ladies, these dresses are an ideal choice. You will know that it is a maxi dress if it has a hemline that goes right at the floor or at the wearer’s ankle. In addition, it has a fitted top and flared bottom that starts from the waist area going down. For day or night outs, a maxi navy blue dress or other bright colored dresses like white club dresses will make you stand out from the rest.

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2. Bodycon dresses – In case you still do not know, bodycon refers to body conscious; meaning, these are worn by ladies that are very conscious about their bodies but want to look as fabulous as possible. If you have the confidence and curves, you may consider wearing this dress; even if you are hunting for plus size club dresses. Otherwise, you might as well play it safe and switch to a different style instead.

3. Haltered dresses – These dresses can either be sleeved or strapless; depending on the wearer’s taste. In most cases, the straps are embellished with sparkly and intricate details, so as to make the wearer glamorous as she dances her way through the night. And usually, these dresses come in a figure hugging construction as well.

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4. Corset dresses – These dresses, in case you are not aware, have tops or bodices that are tight fitting to accentuate the curves of the wearer. While at the bottom, they feature a free flowing skirt that allows her to move from one dance floor to another. Corsets are held tightly with laces at the back; while still allowing room for adjustments if necessary.

5. Empire waist dresses – These dresses, being known for having a waistline that sits higher than the normal waistline, have tops that are fitted to emphasize the curves of the bust. And just like corset dresses, their skirt drifts down spontaneously; so as to allow freedom of movement while partying at the club.

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6. Little black dresses – These are versatile dresses ideal for all occasions. They are always ready to wear for short notice evening events. There are different designs and styles to choose, such as sleeveless black dress, short sleeve black dress, long sleeve black dress and more. This stylish staple is a must have for every woman’s closet.

There can be more in store for you; but currently, these are the club dresses that most girls are crazy about. Take your pick today from this selection so that your next clubbing experience will be a blast.

Rules for Buying a Little Black Dress

Also popularly known as LBD, the little black dress is a versatile and well-liked fashion item that most modern women cannot live without. This is most likely due to the fact that whether for work or an evening night out, any woman can get away by wearing the LBD alone. So, if you are one of the ladies who have wanted to add a timeless piece of clothing into their wardrobe collection, the LBD is the best way to start.

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Rules One Must Follow When Buying a Little Black Dress

Just like when buying a navy blue dress, you might want to know that in order to find the finest little black dress, there are certain considerations that must be taken into account. To ensure that you are purchasing a dress that you can wear all year round, here are the rules to abide by:

Rule #1: You do not always have to go with the current trend. The current vogue should act as an inspiration for style, and not as the sole basis for your choice in wardrobe.

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Styles such as ruffles and polka dots may look good on others; but this does not necessarily mean that they will look nice on you as well. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that when buying a black dress, it is best that you go with your personal style; while blending it with the latest styles that look good on you. Try to stick to simple black dresses as much as possible; since classic pieces are the easiest to pull off.

Rule #2: Choose according to your body type. As a general thumb rule, it is best to pick a dress with a silhouette that goes nicely with your body type. For curvaceous women, going with a figure-hugging, sexy little black dress is a great way of showcasing your voluptuous body. Alternatively, you may also choose an A-line dress that makes your hips look narrower and hides all your flaws at the lower part of the body. For petite women, on the other hand, a LBD with a hemline that sits above the knee is a better choice so as to create an illusion of a taller physique. Meanwhile, for women on the heavier side, a round neck or a V-neck plus size little black dress is the best option.

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Rule #3: Do not forget to accessorize. The LBD can look more gorgeous and sparkly with the right set of accessories. However, the key to pulling off a nice ensemble with accessories is by using a single statement piece and the rest should be on the minimal side. Otherwise, you will run the risk of overdressing.

Rule #4: Use colors to make your outfits pop. The plain color of the little black dress can look more brilliant in a flash through the help of some bright colored complementing pieces like a pair of high heeled shoes or clutch bags. To add more personality to your look, try wrapping your neck with a bright scarf with adorable prints.

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Rule #5. You do not have to buy an expensive designer LBD. There are some thrift shops or boutiques that sell elegant and of great quality LBDs at a cheaper price. You can also find some designer LBDs at a discounted price from online shops.

And those were the basic rules for picking the perfect little black dress. Whether you are hunting for signature or cheap little black dress, these are the principles that you must bear in mind. LBDs are amazing wardrobes that can be worn to any occasions, hence they are a must have for every woman. Happy LBD shopping!

Useful Tips When Buying Sexy Dresses

Looking gorgeous is easier with sexy dresses; even for someone who are not used to wearing one. However, when chosen inappropriately, anyone can easily look like a walking fashion disaster as well. Ideally, the dress that you end up with will allow you to be comfortable no matter what; instead of urging you to adjust it all throughout the party or event.

Tips When Buying the Best Sexy Dress

When selecting sexy dresses like a navy blue dress, apart from comfort, the garment should also let you showcase your assets; while hiding all your flaws efficiently at the same time. Since nobody is perfect, you want to use these guidelines in order to get a perfect sexy look with your next dress.

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  • Flabby arms. Having saggy arms is one of the major problems among women of today. If you are having the same trouble, the best move you can do is to wear sexy cocktail dresses that come with ¾ length sleeves. You can complement the look by wearing a sleek bracelet. Alternatively, you may also opt for dresses with flutter sleeves; as these help to narrow down the size of the arms. Avoid wearing dresses with cap sleeves at all costs; as these will only emphasize your arms, rather than understate them.

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  • Bulgy belly. Women, especially plus size ladies and mothers, find this problem really frustrating; especially when they need to find clothing that will not show off any evidence of obesity and motherhood. Fortunately, sexy dresses such as sexy club dresses are here to the rescue. By choosing a dress with a belt underneath the bust line or one with a low waistline than usual, you can finally look slimmer and sexier since the fabric will camouflage your imperfections as they flow over the middle part of your upper body.
  • Wide hips. To some women, wide hips can be a blessing; while to others, it can also be an annoying curse. If you are someone who dislikes the size of your hips, you can make them look narrower by choosing a dress that is form-fitting at the waistline and loosely flowing from there down to the hemline. Some of the best dresses that allow you to achieve this effect are A-line dresses, kimono-style dresses, and wrap dresses. Dresses with blocks of colors are also a great choice, as these work wonders in making your hips appear more slender.

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  • Flat chest. These days, still more and more women at looking at their busts as a major problem, especially to a bride-to-be. However, this should not be the case if they only know how to make the dress work for their body type. Some of the dresses that can help on this problem are sexy wedding dresses that come in strapless or backless styles. Alternatively, a bust-conscious gal can also wear a spaghetti-strap dress, a slip dress, a turtleneck dress, a sheath dress or a halter dress as these help in enhancing the size of the bust.

How to Accessorize your Sexy Dress


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  • Don’t over accessorize. Let one piece of jewelry to stand out.
  • Create an overall theme. If you want a casual look, a light or natural make up is enough. For a sophisticated look, a darker lipstick such as red and pink is ideal.
  • Wear appropriate footwear. When you are wearing a little black dress, wear a pair of black high heeled shoes for a classic look.
  • Wear appropriate outfit for each occasion. Different occasions have different atmospheres; make sure you pick the right accessories to wear for the right occasion.

With these handy tips in mind, any woman should not feel awkward or unpretty when wearing sexy dresses. Be sure to apply these guidelines, together with a great deal of confidence, and you’ll never go wrong.