Practical Guide When Buying Vintage Dresses

If you are a true-blooded fashion fan, going for vintage dresses can be extremely favorable. Not only is vintage dress hunting rewarding and thrilling, but also, it is wonderful opportunity to own a unique and dazzling piece that has withstood the harsh test of time. However, just like when buying a navy blue dress and other types of dresses, shopping for vintage clothing can be rather tricky; not to mention confusing.

These days, there are a staggering number of sellers that claim to offer authentic vintage dresses. However, how do you really know if they are certified true vintage? By applying the key pointers below, narrowing down the many choices on vintage style dresses should become a fulfilling and a stress free task.

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How to Spot Good Vintage Dresses

Below are the important procedures to follow if you want to acquire only the finest vintage dress:

  • Distinguish a vintage from a thrift item. Even if you are not aiming for the high end vintage clothing, you should learn how to differentiate between a vintage item and an ordinary second hand garment. As a general rule, thrift stores may have vintage wedding dresses or other dresses of the same theme, but thrift dresses are normally not sold in a vintage store. A vintage dress is considered more special than other counterparts; mainly because it has endured the test of time, remained relevant, and stayed stylish, cultural, historical, and significant through the years. When inspecting a vintage dress, keep in mind that true vintage clothing should have a side closures, metal zippers, blue union labels, and edges or seams that resemble the teeth of a saw.

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  • You will never go wrong with a classic. If this is your first time to shop for vintage clothing, you might want to know that opting for a timeless piece is usually the best way to start. By timeless pieces, it means having something basic like little black vintage prom dresses or nicely beaded cardigans from the 1950’s. Since you want to have something that you can wear for as long as possible, be sure to pick out pieces that are crafted from materials that won’t lose their shine easily.

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  • Know the advantages of vintage over new items. Because some vintage pieces tend to come in hefty price tags, you want to know the benefits of owning one when you can always opt for new clothing. One of these benefits includes having a superb construction and quality. Because the production process involved more handwork, more embellishments, and more considerations on durability, a designer vintage dress is usually higher end, classier, and more stylish than the ordinary; hence, their value is much higher as well.
  • Check the fabric. Apart from ensuring that the material feels good on your skin, you also have to make sure that it is still in good condition. Be sure to check for tears, fades, and loose threads before paying for one.

Where to Shop for Vintage Clothing

You can buy vintage clothing usually from vintage shops, but you can also find from other stores. To check for the true authenticity of the clothes they sell, check the credentials of the owner or seller for you to find out if they really have the knowledge about vintage clothing. Below are some places to look:

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  • Online stores
  • Thrift stores
  • Charity Shops
  • Garage and yard sales
  • Consignment shops                                                                                                               

Vintage dresses can be a great investment for avid fashion aficionados like you, especially if you can manage to find a genuine vintage piece. Be sure to use the wise shopping tips indicated above and surely, you won’t get tricked by bogus sellers out there.