Secrets to Looking Good in a Navy Blue Lace Dress Revealed

When it comes to timeless fashion pieces, lace dresses are up there with Mary Jane shoes.  They are beautiful and secondly, they are feminine.  But just like so many other dresses, they feature sophisticated designs.  That is why looking good in a navy blue lace dress is a hard stunt to pull.

Petite Navy Blue Lace Cocktail Dress

Popular Styles


  • Lace bridesmaid dresses. They are the best you can go for when looking for well designed navy blue lace bridesmaid dresses. The styles can be long, short, traditional or vintage. It all boils down to your tastes and preferences.
  • Lace mini dresses. They are currently the in thing.  You can go for a see through navy blue dress or have a fancy colored panel underneath. More recent lace mini dresses feature extras like lace sleeves for those who wish to cover their arms. Other designs are versatile enough to allow you wear the dress with a blazer or cardigan.
  • Bare back lace dresses. They range from backless designs that reveal a fare share or rather amount of skin to others that feature sizeable cut outs. For those who wish to look cool in a fancy navy blue lace cocktail dress, this happens to be the best design.


All About Navy Blue Lace Dress

Other Designs

The aforementioned designs happen to be the most popular. That does not mean sticking to them to the very end. Keep in mind that the above mentioned designs feature navy blue lace dress sleeveless, short sleeves and medium sleeves. Whichever navy blue lace dress design you go for, ensure that it is a scintillating accent that creates additional pattern and texture to an otherwise boring outfit.

Sexy Navy Blue Lace Bridesmaid Dresses


This means accessories and jewelry. you will have not be not only careful but also creative if all you want is a navy blue lace dress that will turn all eyes on you.  Feel free to add ribbons, belts and fancy pieces of jewelry to your outfit. But make no gamble with the shoes you choose to wear with your stunning navy blue lace dress.

Your hair style too should also complement your dress.  You can tie a pony with a navy blue hair band or let it fall back. You should however keep off any hair dyes that may bring you out as a carefree, less serious person. Dresses are all about character. It gets serious when navy blue comes into the picture as the color is associated with virtues like infinity, trust, confidence and discipline.  That is why most disciplined forces and diplomats always sport navy blue uniforms and suits.

Creative Navy Blue Lace Dress Sleeveless


Any designer will tell you to go for vertical strips when you want to look taller. That is however not practical if you have a navy blue dress. Stripped dresses aren’t that fancy, so you may only be left with one option; high heels.  You can however try simple patterns like polka dots. Just ensure that they aren’t conspicuous dots and that they match well with your shoes.


Looking good is navy blue laces dresses is hard but doable. Try different outfits but prioritize comfort. It is that simple!