The Basics of Looking Classy and Decent In Short Formal Dresses

Talk of dresses and all a lady can think of is looking good at a formal or a semi informal event. That’s just it and it is right. After all, what are dresses meant for?  Problem comes in when one does not know just how to look dazzling in short formal dresses.  It happens to ladies who for some reason, looking good in fancy colors or a fancy dress proves to be a challenge. So, just how do you save yourself from the mess? How do you manage to look classy in short formal dresses?

red short formal dresses

Go For Dark Colors

Any designer will tell you a navy blue dress will come to your rescue if you do not know how to dress for formal events. Dark colors are ideal for not just one or two reasons but many. For starters, you won’t have a problem looking for ideal shoes to match the dress. Any shoe color will save the day! Dark colors also don’t show dirt as much as bright colors do, so have no worries at all should you spill wine on your dress at a party.

casual navy blue dress

Keep It Simple

Keep off too much embroidery and patterns. You will in fact notice that the best short formal dresses are almost plain. A ribbon on your shoulder should be enough ado on your dress. Keep in mind too that when it comes to simple short formal dresses, price tags go down. In other words, you don’t get to spend much. You simply save yourself from the inconvenience of window shopping up and down for cheap short formal dresses.

special short semi formal dresses

Bare Backs and Full Backs

The thumb rule here is keeping it simple and ensuring that you create a lasting good impression. Going for bare back formal dresses is therefore a big risk. If you really have to try one on, then make sure that the bare part exposing your skin is moderate. Ensure too that you have a scarf.  This leads to yet another matter concerning exposing your skin; short sleeved dresses vs. long sleeved ones.  It all depends on one’s preferences and of course, the weather. You may also find it prudent to go for long sleeved short semi formal dresses if you have a controversial tattoo on your arm. On an mildly warm day or evening however, short sleeve formal dresses always take the medal!


Always go for your size. That is one thumb rule all designers uphold. If it’s too small or too big, just leave it. Then make sure that the fabric you go for will allow you to sit and stand with ease. In other words, it has to be stretchable.

Go for simple dresses. It may sound funny but at the end of the day, you get to save money and look good. Remember to shop from the best brands as that will ensure you get nothing short of value for your money. Then when all is said and done, take good care of your dress. Have it washed and ironed well!