Regal Grace of a Blue Chiffon Dress

The chiffon material joined the fashion world with a bang! With the same tenacity it took over closets all over the world and is now a big fashion staple that is recognized widely.  Chiffon screams chic, style and elegance all wrapped up in a simple, light, beautiful and breathable material. Chiffon can be found in any print and color that one so desires but a monochrome and solid color is the best if one wants to bring out the sophistication of the dress.

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Blue is a color that has been known to make fashion statements world wide, paired up with chiffon, you have a fashion “outburst” that will surely not be forgotten any time in the near future. With a blue chiffon dress, you can say goodbye to all your worries about not standing out in any social gathering; be it a wedding, an evening dinner, a night out with friends or a simple stroll in the summer sun.

A Little History on the Chiffon Dress

For those of you who do not know, the chiffon dress started out as early as 3000 B.C. in the Republic of China. Primarily, it was made out of silk; however, when nylon was invented in the year 1938, it became the most-used material for making the dress. In 1958 though, polyester came into the picture; and from then on, it became the most popular material for making chiffon dresses due to its low cost and reliability. Back then, these dresses were available with intricate details and embroidery. But these days, dresses are simpler and subtler in terms of designs and colors.

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Navy Blue: The New Black

Critics in the fashion industry are of the opinion that navy blue is the new black. Step out in a flowing navy blue chiffon dress and you will surely bask in the glory of its beautiful, graceful and inky appearance. A basic navy blue dress has to be the closest color next to black, so it has the ability to add that slimming effect and fierceness to almost any outfit. Everybody can look beautiful in this shade of blue chiffon dress, as it speaks class, simplicity and overall it carries with it a subtle hint of style.

Stunning Navy Blue Chiffon Dress

Royal Blue: A Unique Shade of Blue

Royal Blue is one of the unique shades of blue, as it not only has an elegant look but it can also be paired up with almost any other color available.  With a royal blue chiffon dress, one can decide to go empire waist for a truly regal look which is most suited for evening events, a short strappy dress for the night out or a simple knee length dress paired with a flowery hat for the afternoon out.

Light Blue: The ‘Cute’ Blue

Chiffon is chic, light blue is cute and a light blue chiffon dress is simply girly and sweet. It expresses shyness and an almost child-like nature.  So if you want to have the whole pretty, unique, bashful, girly look without the cliché that is pink, light blue is the color to swear by.  For an easy going yet trendy look, this blue chiffon dress can be paired up with eccentric colors like red, green or even yellow.

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There are plenty of ways to wear your blue chiffon dress, and you can also wear blue with plenty of other complimentary colors.  And the best part is you don’t have to be a fashion expert to pull it off. To avoid the blueberry look, don’t wear your blue dress with blue accessories, instead pair the dress up with golden accessories that will bring out the magic that comes with this dress. You can also take on silver to compliment the blue shades.