A Spring In The Step And A Song On The Lips With Breezy Spring Dresses

The spring dresses bring back life to the wardrobe. They reflect the mood of the season and echo the sweet sounds of spring. Blooming of flowers, bees and butterflies, lush green grass, sweet fragrances in the air, melting of ice, warm sun, this is what makes spring the most beautiful and awaited season. The coldblooded animals come out of hibernation and shed their heavy coats as there is no need to bundle up anymore. So, when sprucing up for spring, one needs to stick with the style and color of the season. Well, as the neutrals are on their way out, solids are always a good bet. Navy blue dress with white florets complementing the blue sky, yellow dress with white abstracts flattering the warm sun, mint green in harmony with the green grass, colors galore everywhere, isn’t that what spring is all about!
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Popular Choices

  • Cute Spring Dresses

Long, short, flowing or straight, the spring dresses exude delicacy and femininity. The stress is on the oomph factor. Splattered colors, floral prints and leafy greens dominate the scenario. Being chic and buoyant is in. Short spring dresses in casuals exhibit the playful nature; long, flowing formals in nude shades are in conformity with the warmth in the weather, seductive short cocktail dresses with dash of flowers in dress or hair complement the mood. These dresses are for zest and zeal, leashing the pent up energy with a renewed enthusiasm.

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  • Spring Formal Dresses

Flowers and color palette cannot be left at a backburner even for this category; they are integral to the season. It could be floral print dress, sleeveless dress with pleated skirt or one can go for an empire waist dress in bright prints. Flowing chiffons, the draped look in one off shoulder, maxi dress in tie and dye, plenty of necklines, three quarter sleeves are an indication that the spring is here!

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  • Spring Wedding Dresses

Femininity at its best to bring out the sparkly woman is at the core of this collection. Frothy, creamy and light as feather chiffons, sensuous silks, sleek and sophisticated bias cut gowns, shimmers with ornate embroideries, lace and simple drapery, hint of flowers in textures or floral embroideries blending with the color of the gown, this is the look of a spring bride which exudes sophistication and delicacy without going overboard with accessories. With the spring around the corner, it is time for some tips that may come handy for the conventional spring in the step and song on the lips look!

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Wearing Tips

Here are some valuable tips that you can use when selecting the perfect spring dress that will flatter your physique and ensure a well-matching ensemble:

  • Light cottons, chiffons and linens are the light fabrics for casuals.
  • Breezy feeling is brought about by loose cuts and plenty of necklines to experiment with.
  • Pastels, soft hues, nude shades complement with the season.
  • Floral prints, polka dots, navy stripes, paisley are some of the favorite prints in harmony with nature.
  • Pull out the denim jackets and rain coats; which look good especially on cold days.
  • Flouncy skirts, shorts, Capris, long pants in linen and jeans are the in thing.
  • Time for ballerina flats, walking sandals, dressy sandals, open toe heels, casual sneakers, and rain boots.

The season calls for light, nature inspired, bright colored jewelry, trendy pair of sun glasses, skinny belts and cool hats to accentuate the breezy demeanor. When teamed up with the right accessories and shoes the spring dresses are in full bloom to bring the focus on the fashionista in the season called spring!