A Look at Petite Dresses for Every Occasion

Most petite framed ladies find it hard to get a suitable dress that will perfectly compliment their figures. Most times they find dresses that are a bit baggy concealing all the perfect attributes of their body, or skimpy attires that will just be wrong when worn. Therefore, the introduction of petite dresses was and is a much welcomed relief!

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There are many options on petite dress in this present era. For this reason, it is not really surprising if a newbie buyer gets overwhelmed or confused with the variety of choices available. But don’t let this obvious fact scare you – you too can look as gorgeous as those women with curvaceous body. So, on this note, brace yourself because this article will give you some feasible styles to start with. In this manner, shopping will be much easier for the busy you.

Different Styles of Petite Dress

The wedding has traditionally been regarded as the second most important day in a woman’s life, hence the need for every bride to look stunning on her big day. If you are one of those individuals that are born with a petite frame, you will be happy to know that there are a variety of elegant and flattering petite wedding dresses. For your reference, this article has listed them all here.

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  • The A-line wedding style: While the A-line style might be regarded as being more suitable for full figures, this style can also compliment the body of a petite lady. An A-Line dress with very little embellishments can make a petite bride look stunning without necessarily looking very petite. With an elegant A-line dress and a beautiful pair of stilettos you will be the ‘queen’ at your wedding.
  • The sheath gown: This gown flows with the curves of a woman’s body, thus complementing the petite body shape. The ‘flowing’ attribute of sheath gowns also helps develop the illusion of length, thus “adding” height to a petite lady. In addition, these lovely gowns also emit sophistication as a result of the lace pattern that most of them are crafted with.

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How About Other Occasions?

Luckily, you can find a suitable petite dress for every event, be it prom, a cocktail party or an evening dinner! During such events it is always good to look unique and your best so here are some petite dresses suggestion for some events:

  • A cocktail party: Cocktails can be attended with both formal and semi-formal dresses. Suitable petite cocktail dresses include knee length dresses, which will work well to show off your legs making you look longer and leaner; especially when combined with a good looking pair of high heels.
  • A formal evening party: Suitable petite evening dresses for such events include long elegant evening dresses. These types of dresses are flattering to the petite frame and give the illusion of length.  V-neck style petite dresses are also suitable, as they tend to emphasize the neck area by making the neck look longer and slimmer, drawing attention to the neck area as opposed to the rest of your body.

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Petite dresses are regarded as being multifunctional, as one stylish petite dress can be worn multiple times on any event. For instance, you can throw jeans underneath a navy blue petite dress for a casual look; on the other hand, the same petite navy blue dress may be worn with a cream or white top for an official look. That is just one of the attributes of the petite dress, the other is that you can find a suitable petite dress for all events and still look great in it.