Types of Elegant Gowns Every Wardrobe Should Have

It is the desire of most (if not all) women to be the ones turning heads at any event they attend!  It is for this reason that some women spend “hours” looking for the perfect outfit to be adorned in. Well, finding an elegant formal gown for your event need not be so hard, especially when you have the timeless options that are elegant gowns.  A well fitting and flattering elegant gown can cause heads to turn at any event.

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The Top Selections on Classy Gowns

Here is a look at some gowns that would be a good pick for any formal event, regardless of the setting:

  •  The classic Basque waist gown

The basque waist is one of the classic elegant evening gowns. This dress features a low V or U waist that flows from the upper body to the waist. From the waist, the gown gracefully flows on to the hips covering the legs. The design of these elegant gowns makes any short woman adorned in the dress appear longer, plus it is also suitable for a variety of full body shapes; as it highlights all of a woman’s strong points while hiding the flaws.

Seductive and Elegant Evening Gowns

  • The glorious ballerina gown

If you have a wedding event or an awards function then a ballerina gown can be one of the ideal elegant ball gowns to be adorned in. The mention of ballerina probably conjures up images of pretty girls dancing in angelic cute short dresses; however, ballerina gowns can also be long. The long versions of these elegant gowns feature a flouncy and full skirt, which is simply glorious. This style of the ballerina is great for women with a heavy bust, as the voluminous skirt on the dress will balance with the bust.

Classqiue Elegant Wedding Gowns

  • The dramatic mermaid gown

The mermaid gown is considered one of the ideal elegant wedding gowns, especially for plus size brides. Mermaids are considered dramatic and mystic, thus as a bride you can make a ‘dramatic’ yet stylish statement with a mermaid gown. The design of this dress is a fitting bodice that flows all the way down to the thighs, and then from the knee the dress takes the shape of a mermaid’s tail (as its name).

  • The bold bias cut

This gown is called the bias cut because of the way it is ‘cut’, whereby pattern pieces are put diagonally   instead of on the straight grain lines of the fabric.  The fabric and style of the gown comfortably fits into the body accentuating every part of a woman’s body, hence the need to have that “perfect shape”. If you want to get noticed, then this is the type of gown that will get you the attention you need. True bias cuts cling on the hips and midriff to expose the perfect shape of a woman’s body, for this reason they are also referred to as a ‘second skin’.  If you want to make a bold statement this is the dress to be adorned in, for a more slimming effect a navy blue dress is a good option.

All About Elegant Ball Gowns


The mermaid gown, the bias cut, the ballerina and the Basque waist are just some of the elegant gowns in today’s market that you will find. Choose a gown that will accentuate your features and hide your flaws, and definitely, you will be turning heads at the particular event you are planning to go to. So take your pick now from the choices this article has mentioned above while considering your preferences – you’ll never know if the most amazing night of your life is bound to come!