How to Look Ravishingly Elegant In Navy Blue Dresses

Take a look at all decent ladies and public figures known around the world; princesses, celebrities and first ladies. They have one thing in common. They all show up for great formal events in navy blue dresses.  It is easy to argue as an ordinary man and point out that this is often by default. No, it is by design, for the sole purpose that when it comes to colors like symbolize nobility and humbleness, navy blue is and will always be the constant aggregate. But that is not everything. Of course, there are other aspects such as designs and one or two aesthetic aspects that come along with navy blue dresses. Some of the most profound ones include:

Short Navy Blue Dresses

Easy to look good

This cuts across even to men. That’s why navy blue male suits sell just as much as navy blue prom dresses.  With a navy blue dress, all you need is:

  • A pair of good shoes
  • A neat hair style
  • A few accessories i.e. jewelry
  • A nice waist belt
  • A handbag/clutch bag

Cute and Classy Navy Blue Prom Dresses

Blend your accessories well

Unlike white, navy blue doesn’t go well with all the precious stone and metals.  Silver stands out as one of the best metals one can use to adorn her navy blue bridesmaid dresses. Gold is good too, but it has to be moderately worn with any navy blue attire. You can however be a little bit trickier and go for a navy blue lady dress complete with intricate embroidery that features bother silver and gold.

If you ever feel the desire to wear accessories, make sure to keep it at a minimum level, so as to maintain the elegance that you want to portray. Navy blue signifies class so you have to also match your accessories and other factors to blend with it.

Lovely Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses


You don’t have to have a great collection of expensive shoes to look good in these dresses. Even a pair of Mary Jane shoes will do.  You only have to be careful and keep away from bright colors as they never blend well with navy blue flower girl dresses. Go for dark flat, wedged or high heeled shoes. You can also pick a shoe color that will complement the color of your hand bag or hair accessories.

Simple and sophisticated designs

It is hard to choose between bareback and full back navy blue lady dresses.  To make the whole shopping process easy, consider your body shape. Bare back dresses look good on slender and tall ladies while fullbacks look good on all ladies.  The same case applies to long and knee length navy blue dresses. Remember to complete that elegant look with a navy blue scarf or hair band.

Pretty Princess Navy Blue Flower Girl Dresses

Waist size

This is where ladies often go wrong. A dress may fit you well in all the right places save for your waist. That is why you have to fit your desired dress before taking it home. If the waist size is too small, leave it behind. If on the other hand it is too big, go for it as you can always resize it at a tailor’s or dressmaker’s place.  You can also consider elegant lady belts that match well with navy blue. Go for black or white but not off pink and yellow as much as possible.


You can look ravishingly elegant in navy blue dresses. You only need to be cautious on your preferred dress’s design and the accessories you choose.  Then remember to always wash your dress according to the care label it comes with. Doing so will ensure that you can be able use the dress for a long period of time, or as long as you want to wear it.