Your Ultimate Shopping and Styling Guide for Short Wedding Dresses

If you are an avid fan of weddings in the movies or in real life, most probably you are aware that the mediocre gowns used for weddings have hemlines that are long; in fact, most of them even go down to the floor. However, for those who want to look out of the box or exceptional, there are copious options on short wedding dresses that they can try. These days, more and more bride-to-be’s are loving short wedding gowns because they are not only simpler, but more laid back, casual, trendy, and lighter as well.

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Just like a short navy blue dress, these dresses are flexible and convenient to wear due to the fact that they allow you to go straight from the wedding ceremony to the scheduled reception and dance freely without having to change outfits beforehand. If you have been considering using one for the very special day of your life but want to dig deeper information about these wedding dresses, you are on the right page. Below is a guide that you can use on your hunt for the perfect short wedding dress.

Short Wedding Dresses Styles Available in the Market

Currently, these are the hottest short wedding dresses in the market:

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  • Tea length dresses – A tea length wedding dress is known for having a hemline that sits just or below the knee. In some cases, this length is also referred to as the intermission length. While some short white wedding dresses in this category can have lengths that reach the mid-calf. Tea length dresses should never fall above the knees of the bride. These dresses may come in different variations as well. Some of these include full-skirt tea length dresses, fitted tea length dresses, and slim and bustier type tea length dresses.

In case you are wondering as to which body type work perfectly with these dresses, you would be delighted to know that they can flatter almost all kinds of body shapes. However, if you are aware that you are gifted with a perfect hourglass figure, you can always practice some techniques in order to get a fantastic look with tea length dresses. For example, if you have a very wide hips and looking for the perfect plus size short wedding dresses, you should opt for those that have a full skirt.

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  • Mini wedding gowns – Unlike tea length dresses, these goodies usually have hems that go above the wearer’s knee. If you are wondering how these dresses look like, they are so much similar to cocktail dresses in terms of length and shape. Some pieces can go higher above the knee; therefore, you should only wear this dress if you are daring enough to do so. Mini dresses are also available in many different styles; some of which include short beach wedding dresses, body-hugging dresses, ruffled dresses, mod dresses, and retro-inspired mini dresses. While mini dresses are flattering for almost any kind of figure, it is crucial that one is confident with her legs before deciding to wear one during the wedding day.

tea length plus size short wedding dresses

How to Style a Short Wedding Dress

  • The bride should minimize wearing accessories; classic and simple jewelry is enough. If you want to look more formal, a long string of pearl necklace is best.
  • A pair of high heeled shoes is best for short dresses because it will accentuate the legs shape and heels tone the legs. Don’t wear too flashy or colorful shoes if you want to make your wedding dress the center of attention.

There can be more types of short wedding dresses out there; but recently, these are all the rage when it comes to modern brides. Consider picking one today and stay out of the ordinary with the perfect short dress of your choice.