Glamour with Embellished Womens Formal Dresses

Most women are keen to dress up and look their best at all times. There is no occasion that calls out for fashion and class like formal events, and such events give ladies the platform to showcase lovely and unique womens formal dresses.  However, if you want to be the one turning heads at your event, you must find the perfect formal dress that compliments you.

Achieving this effect is quite daunting due to the multitude of choices available in the current market. But don’t let this fact scare you; the perfect formal dress is within reach, especially when you are geared with the right purchasing tips. So, to help you narrow down the many choices, this page has gathered all the sound options that will give you a good start.

Elegant Womens Formal Dresses

Top Picks on Formal Dresses for Women

Here are a few choice dresses that can add glamour to your look:

  • Sequin Dresses

If you are looking to get noticed at your formal evening event then you should consider getting a sequin dress. Sequin will sparkle moderately in candle and moon light, making it a good choice for womens formal dresses. So, whether you want to go for the “slimming” navy blue dress or the seductive red formal dress, it is simple to be stunningly beautiful with sequin enhanced dresses. Another great attribute of sequin, is that these embellishments can turn an ordinary dress made from ordinary fabric, into something exquisite. In addition, sequin dresses can be easily bejeweled using simple bracelets, neck pieces and ear rings; hence, it is simple to look great with minimal effort in a sequin dress.

Yellow Womens Formal Wear Dresses

  • Glittering Dresses

Another way you can sparkle at your formal or semi formal event is with a glitter dress.  Glitter on a dress does not have to overbearing, as designers have found ways of adding glamour to different types of womens semi formal dresses such as, strapless and sleeveless dresses using glitter. Glitter enhanced dresses are a great option for women seeking to ‘make an entrance’ at their occasion, due to the attention the glitter will attract.  If you opt to go with a glittering dress, make sure that you minimize the glitter and sparkle of your jewelry, by keeping it simple.

White Womens Semi Formal Dresses

  • Tiered Dresses

If you do not what to “sparkle and glitter”, then alternative embellishments for womens formal dresses are tiers. Tiered dresses are a great formal wear as they make a bold statement and need little to no accompaniments such as jewelry.  Ruffles which are a feature of tiered dresses are flattering to different body shapes, hence making tiers a good option for plus size womens formal dresses. However, if you are plus size you should be careful when selecting tiered formal dresses, as some ruffles can make you look bigger than you actually are. You should also consider tiered dresses with short hems in either white or black for that flirtatious appeal, and asymmetrical hems for originality. Colors such as pink and tangerine are also an original when worn in tiered dresses. Ruffled womens formal wear dresses emit sophistication, class and are incredibly pretty when worn in formal events.

All About Plus Size Womens Formal Dresses


The formal scene is embraced with excitement by most women, as it is a chance to socialize while showcasing their classic beauty. Embellishments such as glitters and tiers are a great way of turning womens formal dresses into extra-ordinary dresses, hence adding glamour to your formal look. Now that you are aware of the best choices available, looking your best should not be an impossible goal anymore. Choose the best dress today and be the most beautiful you!